Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sears is the place to go for decorations!

Picture credit to SEARS.COM

This is the picture from my home :)

I was recently sent a gift card to go to Sears or shop online @ by Smiley360.  Boy was I shocked that the prices in Sears were so low for the Trim A Home®  3ct Snowflake Pathway Markers with Changing Multi-Colored Lights. The original price is 29.99 and I got them on sale for $17.99.  That is really inexpensive for LED based decorations.  It has rained(in "Sunny" Florida)they have gotten full of water and they are still in perfect working 
condition! Now lets talk customer service, WOW the staff was so great and polite(as staff should be)that I was thrilled to go back to sears again! This was a great shopping experience 
for me. Thank you Sears & Smiley360 for giving me the gift card to experience the sears holiday shop!