Sunday, August 26, 2012

Knot Genie Giveaway & Review!

Knot Genie Review and Giveaway! 

For as long as my daughter has had hair, I have fought a long and arduous battle against knots. Brushing hair has always been a nightmare for the both of us, for me because I don’t like to be the bad guy and pull my little girls very, very long hair as I try to get rid of the knots in her hair, and my little girl as well because she does not like to have her hair pulled.   I have tried a dozens of different brushes and combs, dry and wet hair, de-tangle shampoos and hair creams to no avail. When I found out about the Knot Genie, I thought “Here we go again”, needless to say, I was surprised. The Knot Genie is designed to tackle the hair situation by having different sized bristles, it can undo knots WITHOUT pulling your hair, (I know I tried it on my own curly hair and it is the only thing I use now) for the first time I was able to brush my daughters hair without her squirming and trying to avoid the brush. She actually enjoyed it and now asks me to brush her hair I don’t have to chase her down around the house after a shower to brush her hair. It is a fantastic, well designed product and it works like it says it does, by getting rid of knots …well like a genie.  This is a dream come true!
All of the tasks must be done for an entery to be considered VALID
You can also take advantage of buying a Knot Genie and getting $5 off using code: GROOVE (it is valid for the month of August or until the company removes it)

Here are some Pictures so you can get see what a dream the Knot Genie is:

 This is my daughter in the morning:
This is her after the knot genie:

This is me with my hair under control:

You can also take advantage of buying a Knot Genie and getting $5 off using code: GROOVE (it is valid for the month of August or until the company removes it)
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